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Black Dawn
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Black Dawn: A down-on-his luck alcoholic realizes his terrifying nightmares are actually teleportation trips to gruesome murder scenes. #booklovers #horror #thriller

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Post-apocalyptic thriller THE END IS NIGH now available for $0.99 on #smashwords. #postapocalyptic

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Nightmare's Edge
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A nail-biting journey through the dark underbelly of the Dominican Republic. #horror #mustread

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Infect Rage
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A rage virus infects a small town, sending residents on murderous rampages. #horror #mustread

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Rule 14
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Rule 14: A chilling analysis of the fight-or-flight response, this psychological thriller ushers you deep inside the minds of those who process information through

available at
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Brainstorm: Inspired by true events, Brainstorm chronicles the lives of an epileptic man and his mentally challenged wife who have so little but give so much. #must

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Assaulted Souls III
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Assaulted Souls III: A grim examination of the terrible consequences of tampering with Mother Nature. #mustread

find out more ->
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The Strap
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The Strap: A full-throttle journey inside the sights and sounds of Ecuador and a chilling chronicle of the ever-present dangers. #mustread

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Orgon Conclusion
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An epic battle pitting the forces of good and evil against one another in the context of the American Dream. #scifi #mustread

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A shocking juxtaposition of the ruthless Tarahumara brand of justice with the questionable North American judicial system. #mustread

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