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BookClupPro's FAQ

How much Does it Cost

Currently BookClubPro is free for authors to get exposure on social media via Twitter.

Will my books show up on BookClubpro after I submit them.?

Yes. Immediately after you submit a book, it is live on BookClubPro.

How long Will it take to get my books posted on Twitter?

BookClubPro will try to submit them the next day after they are added to our site. However, we do have several books to promote, so we have to altnerate the books that go out each day. If your books is skipped one day, it usually gets sent out on Twitter the next day.

Can I change my book banners any time I want?

Yes after you submit your book you can come back anytime and make changes for the content that will be posted on Twitter. That includes the book banners.