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The inhabitants of planet CN 716 Q had stared bioterrorism in the face and were now fighting for survival. An ongoing brutal reproductive system is their only chance.
Janine and Bella, twins, are abducted and will go to any lengths to stay together but even the best-laid plans don’t always work out.
The onboard excitement of the warrior leader's forthcoming visit is contagious, but the end result doesn't leave everyone thrilled. Will Janine and Bella need a plan B?

The rebuilding of planet CN 716 Q continues with supreme warrior leader Fraw and his human female Janine at the helm. Her unique foresight keeps them on top of their game, while Fraw concentrates on baby-making, but will it be enough to keep the plan alive?

A tragic event threatens the planet’s reconstruction. The fall-out will be catastrophic for some but who will pay the ultimate price?

Second edition - contains the complete story.
Adult content

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Total Book Tweets for Kim Hamilton is 81

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All Tweets for book 7