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Out in the Bright Bright Light

From: DW Watson


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They say change is good. They are fools.
Even after The Loss cost the SOMA their best and brightest operatives, they still have a job to do. To protect Earth Prime.
Meet; NUNN, with retirement postponed, the old warhorse's disposition isn't improved by his new team mates. FARRELL, since The Loss, the technician has found himself thrust into the field, and he's finding it – interesting. And then there's CHAPMAN. Trying to make the best of being stuck in the middle by utilising her most devastating weapon, disappointment.
The trio hunt the source behind a rampaging large-than-life teddy bear. Struggle to close breaches in space/time as well as battling enemies extra- and terrestrials, mysteries from the parallels and unthinkables no one would dare dream about.
But their hardest challenge? To band together and work as a team.

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