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Dragons in the Clouds

From: David Blair


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‘’Dragons in the Clouds’’ is a epic adventure that takes place during a time period when Dragons were alive and freely roamed the land. The people during this time were getting eaten by a vicious species of Dragon. The ruling King finally orders the total annihilation of all living dragons. A powerful wizard, named Merlinus, who is a friend to the king, does not agree with the Kings order, for he knows all Dragons are not what they seem. So he does what he must to protect a family of Dragons that he has befriended. Melinus performs the spell of weightlessness and tells the Dragons to fly up and to hide in the cover of the Clouds. An unforeseen ability of the Dragons weightlessness spell is that a Dragons fire now looks like that of lightning and their roar is like that of thunder. A widowed mother and her young boy, who has also befriended a young dragon, suddenly find themselves caught between the Kings order and a battle that has begun between two species of Dragons. A battle that would determine control of the skies above the Kingdom of Albion. Melinus instructs the Dragons to live within the clouds and to only come down at night to eat. An apprentice to the wizard who also has Dragons hidden deep within a mountain cavern, has a plan that may bring the Kingdom and perhaps the very world we live in today to an devastating end

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Dragons in the clouds ebook cover copy

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