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The Ka

From: Mary Deal


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An Amazon Best Seller. Egyptian magic interpreted from hieroglyphs by an archaeological team activates ancient spells and rituals that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

California archaeology student Chione Ini-Herit has vivid dreams about the discovery of an opulent tomb. After learning that Chione’s dreams are playing out in Egypt, the founder of the California Institute of Archaeology accepts an offer to examine a mysterious site in Valley of the Queens. When they discover a tomb, the archaeologists lives are irrevocably changed in unthinkable ways.

Magical spells encoded into the hieroglyphs transport Chione and her former love interest—fellow archaeologist Aaron Ashby—back 3,500 years to ancient Egypt. Even stranger, Aaron and Chione begin to experience the lives of Tutankhamon and Tauret, a Priestess in Pharaoh’s Court. They learn that Tauret coded magical spells into the hieroglyphs to keep her and Pharaoh irrevocably joined in the afterlife.

When other team members speak the spells aloud they, too, are affected in unfathomable ways by the Ka—the spirit of the entombed person. Chione and Aaron learn that Tauret has conjured powerful spells to provide Tutankhamon with a living heir, and Tauret has chosen them to complete her destiny.

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