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Alchemist Gift

From: Mark Giglio


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“Alchemist Gift” is a time travel adventure that not only plays with all of your senses (“More vivid with every page you read 5*s” – Earthwoman) but has a cast of characters so believable you will love or hate them like family (“Back stories as interesting as the main arc of the novel 5*s”-RBrunton). The plot takes us from the present day to the daily lives and struggles of the characters, rich and poor, men and women, some ambitious, some brutal and some quite loving and kind, who inhabit the Renaissance, a time of witch burnings, the inquisition, and the collapse of Papal dominance. We are on hand for the exciting beginnings of modern science and the age of reason. The events, settings and characters of the renaissance era set the stage for our protagonist, Roland Hughes’s new life. Red City Review says Alchemist Gift has "a style reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism."

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Total Book Tweets for Mark Giglio is 1201

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