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Best Foot Forward - One million steps or more across France

From: Susie Kelly


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Total Book Tweets for Susie Kelly is 353

Category: Travel

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A true story of English eccentricity, the Texan pioneering spirit, and two women old enough to know better.

‘This is one of the best travel books I have read to date. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every drop of it.’ – Vine Voice Reviewer

‘Susie is able to paint a picture with words that makes me feel like I am beside her on her journey. Perfect for the Francophile, the armchair adventurer, and the lover of good literature for this is surely literature.’ Vine Voice Reviewer

‘This author is becoming a fast friend to take to bed with me – Kindle & a glass of red and Susie Kelly – there is little to better it in the travel writing area.’ Goodreads

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Total Book Tweets for Susie Kelly is 353

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All Tweets for book 353

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