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Never Waste Dreams

From: Gloria Zachgo


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Adversity – Endurance – Survival – Forgiveness

Never Waste Dreams-- takes you back to the year 1871, as the saga of two young pioneer couples continues. They began their journey in the award-winning novel, Never Waste Tears.

Carl, Hannah, Nathan, and Sarah each take you with them in their essence and dialect. They struggle for their family. They show grit and determination for their land. They open their hearts for those who join them, as a new voice is added, saying, “I couldn’t help but wonder how much our life was going to change in ways I had not even considered.”

Can they find forgiveness for those who’ve brought them pain? Can they survive when nature’s invasion of the land takes away their livelihood?

Rejoice with them when they prosper. Weep with them in their time of despair.

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Total Book Tweets for Gloria Zachgo is 3284

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